For most of us, designing and custom building a house is a daunting proposition. Building a dream home is an exciting time filled with many options and choices. We pride ourselves on planning ahead and being well organized. Let us handle the building and planning process so you can focus on the design and customization of your dream house. Whether you want to be involved every step of the way or you just want decisions made with limited involvement, we can tailor a partnership with you based on your needs and participation in the building process. Desato Enterprises offers the following services within the building process. Simply choose the processes that best suits your situation:

1. Pre-design Stage (optional)

We can help you with selecting your design team. We can refer you to many consultants (surveyors, designers, architects, arborists, energy advisors, envelope engineers, geotechnical engineers, structural engineers, interior designers, etc.) that we work with regularly that will help you transfer your dream house ideas onto a set of building plans. As part of the design team, Desato Enterprises can help review plans with the client throughout the design process for quality control and to offer expertise.

2. Budget/Schedule

No ship can sail without a rudder, so it is crucial that client and builder are on the same page prior to the start of any project. The final construction budget and schedule are guidelines on which the contract is forged. Once all parties are in agreement the construction process begins.

3. Trade Pricing

In order to better maintain our budgets and to minimize unnecessary changes , we develop scope of work documents (Framing, Electrical, Plumbing & Heating, Low Voltage, etc.) with each client prior to any construction taking place. These scope of work documents ensures that we get accurate trade quotations. By planning ahead the client gets to work out any conflicts or changes well in advance and avoids any surprises during construction that could affect the budget and schedule.

4. Construction

We will build your custom home according to plans and local codes. Rest assured that we will implement the best practices from our years of experience building custom homes . We will adhere to budget and schedule to ensure that we meet your expectations.

6. Warranty

Every home is backed by a 2 – 5 – 10 warranty offered through Pacific Home Warranty.

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